Sample SEO Campaign Plan

SEO campaign plan is the most indispensable starting point in internet marketing. Afterall, SEO is a business process where every little bit of it can be magnified with the number of site visitors, spiders and users, in the world wide web. Search engine optimization for websites can be easily refined following the track of the campaign plan.

Sample Breakdown of SEO campaign plan for Websites:
  • Blogging/Article Posting (2) - 2 hrs
  • Blog Comments (10) - 2 hrs
  • Yahoo! Answer/Forum Posting/Directory Submissions(10) - 2 hrs
  • Social Networking (5) - 1 hr
  • Social Bookmarking (10) - 1 hr
Blogging could boost the relevance of the site to target keywords when posted on the site’s official blogsite. Blogs posted on other sites could also be a backlink providing keyword-rich anchor texts. Article directories, e.i., are being crawled by search engine spiders frequently. Having a keyword-rich backlink from them could also effectively increase site’s ranking on target keywords. Article directories and blogging sites provide an avenue for search engine spiders to crawl any page of the site and then deep-crawl other pages of the site as well.

Blog comments is also another way to gain keyword-rich backlinks using target keywords as anchor texts. Highly visited blogs and popular ones are also visited by search engine spiders. Having a backlink from these sites could increase site’s relevance on the topic niche.

Yahoo! Answers, forum posting, and directory submissions provide additional backlinks for the site. This could also provide additional traffic from target visitors who would likely purchase products from the site.

Social networking and social bookmarking seem to be useful in similar ways. One aspect is to popularize the site to online social communities. This could also draw more traffic from target geographic locations who would likely purchase products of the site. Some links from these social media sites are also recognized by search engine spiders as backlinks.
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